henkilö tutkii laatikossa olevia kesäkauden vihanneksia

Eat, drink and enjoy with all your senses!

Good food and refreshments are often the highlight of a trip. This is especially true in the countryside, where you’ll be treated to clean, fresh ingredients and local specialities. This page gives you a sample of what’s on offer, and you can easily find more tasty destinations using the search function.

The table is set!

Days spent sightseeing and enjoying nature will give you a healthy appetite. Fortunately, there are also destinations that focus on the authentic delights of rural cooking. Would you prefer a snack – perhaps a warm slice of bread – or a full meal? 

Metsä-Hovin Tila

Southern Finland, Pornainen

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Farmhouse Kumpunen

Central Finland, Petäjävesi

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Lemettilä Farm

Central Finland, Petäjävesi

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At rural vineyards, you’ll discover delicious, high-quality estate wines with aromas of fresh berries and fruit. In addition to the wine shop, you can enjoy winery tours, wine tastings and other services. 

Hakamaa Sheep Farm

Central Finland, Jyväskylä

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The Äijälän farmstead

Western Finland, Röölä, Rymättylä

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Rönnvik’s Vineyard

Western Finland, Laitikkala

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Fresh flavours straight from the farm

The Finnish countryside is a treasure trove of local food, where you can enjoy fresh flavours both at tourist destinations and in farm shops. You can pick up a wide variety of local delicacies and specialities for yourself – and as souvenirs. 

Kurikka Hat Factory

Western Finland, Kurikka

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Kartano Hostel – Anttilan Tila

Western Finland, Kokemäki

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Resort Naaranlahti

Eastern Finland, Punkaharju

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