Restaurant Patapirtti & Farm of Uusi-Yijälä

Restaurant Patapirtti & Farm of Uusi-Yijälä

You are warmly welcomed to the Happiest Spot in Finland, Uusi-Yijälä’s ecological farm at Himos-Jämsä, Lakeland Finland!

We offer authentic Finnish food at restaurant Patapirtti, berry wines produced from our own ecological berries, pampering accommodation, genuine Finnish sauna experience next to lake Patalahti and a chance to visit our farm.
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The wines taste the strong aromas of the berries grown in the northern sun

Since 1995, Finnish berry producers have been allowed to produce wines made from Finnish berries and herbs. The Uusi-Yijälä organic farm joined the ranks of wine producers in 2005. We make wines from blackcurrant, greencurrant, chokeberry and apple. The varieties range from dry table wine to sweet dessert wine. The Nordic sun ripens the berries growing on the southern slopes and gives them a strong aroma. Berry pickers enjoy magnificent views of lake Patalahti and Himos ski resort. The berry wines taste different, but are definitely worth tasting!

Accommodation in Jämsä rural hotel near Himos activities

Good food, drinks, fire and cosy atmosphere are the basic elements of happiness. Finnish restaurant Patapirtti offers all of this for You and your friends. We use local and Finnish raw materials: pike perch from lake Päijänne, lamb fillet from local Seppälä farm, mushrooms from nearby forests and organically produced berries from our own farm. From these good ingredients we make excellent Finnish food! You can taste berry wines from our own farm, Finnish artisan beers and other interesting alcoholic beverages.

Built in 1842, Pirtti represents traditional Finnish log construction. The large open fireplace creates an atmosphere – the crackling of fire, the smell of smoke and the play of flames are part of the experience. From the windows of Patapirtti, veranda and from the terrace you can admire the play of light on the waves of lake Patalahti and the slopes of Himos Ski Center. Come and enjoy yourself. We want to pamper you!

Finland’s most pampering hotel accommodation next to Himos

Uusi-Yijälä’s Country Hotel offers you pampering accommodation at Himos Holiday Center in Jämsä, Lakeland Finland. We have five rooms with toilet / shower. Each room has its own color theme: the Red Rosy Chamber is for romance, the Green Chamber reminds you of our past as a dairy farm, the Yellow Chamber celebrates Grandma’s great trip to Europe in 1924 and the Blue Chamber is known as “Independent Finland”. Big Chamber can serve groups up to six persons.

The tasty breakfast includes lots of organic products, smoothie, berries, fruit, porridge, small sandwiches, bacon and eggs and of course coffee, tea or hot chocolate as you wish! The room reservation includes your own personal sauna reservation. In addition you can relax in the jacuzzi or pop to swim in lake Patalahti. There are also plenty of outdoor activities. You can swim, paddle, fish, pick berries, count sheep, walk in the woods or just freshen up and relax under the big old pine trees. And during all year around, all the activities of the Himos ski resort and Himos Holiday Travel are available!

Restaurant Patapirtti & Farm of Uusi-Yijälä
Jyväskyläntie 848

+358 45 651 1405

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