Vehkaniemi Holiday Estate

Past life meets the current day

Vehkaniemi’s yard and the old, rustic buildings encompass many facilities and exciting stories. Traces of past life have sensed it in the walls, floor boards, stair steps, paths, beaches, forests. These fields have increased the number of flax, which are woven in the house. Building materials were sought from the forest. Generations are changing, places remain. The stories continue.

Vehkaniemi Estate is a centuries-old family farm situated in a beautiful place with wonderful views to the Lake Vehkajärvi. These days the estate provides accommodation, banquets,  business & leisure events, celebrations and meetings in a historical milieu. Meals available on request.

Nature and peace of the area offer great possibilities for activities such as swimming, fishing, enjoying saunas, camping, hiking etc. There’s plenty of sightseeing to do in the nearby cities, for example Helvetinjärvi National Park, culture and arts in Mänttä, Virrat and Ruovesi area as well as Wilderness Lake Vehkajärvi.


Vehkaniemi Holiday Estate
Salmentakasentie 308

+358 50 5206 451

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