Stress free holiday in well-equipped cottages and villas

It is really easy to spend a holiday in Aurinkoranta. The cottages are designed for a relaxed time spending, taking a sauna and cooking. Good night sleep guarantees a refreshing holiday, that is why we paid special attention to providing our guests with bedrooms of proper sizes and comfortable beds.

There is something suitable for each and every one. Marja loves brand new villas of Finnish design, Hannu chooses an intimate old log cabin in the shade of ancient pines, looking for rest and peace Emilia books a remote cottage to be able to listen to silence next to hiking routes of Evo, sick-and-tired of ordinary hotels Joni comes with his friends to Estelle and books the whole “hotel” for themselves.

Great sand beach

Aurinkoranta sand beach is one of the best in Southern Finland. The beach which looks on south- west is warm and sunny. Cold nothern winds stay behind the Aurinkovuori ridge making our beach calm for most of the time. That is why water in the summer is always warm.

The water is shallow, ane sand covers the bottom of the lake with waves producing real masterpieces to be seen through crystal clear water. Every cottage has its own beach and boat exept Armi and Aukusti. A great view on lake Vesijärvi and only 12 km to the opposite shore of Hollola.


A wedding in the light of the crystal chandelier

A wedding is definitely the greatest holiday in life. Everybody wants a wedding which is unforgettable, beautiful, memorable, individually planned in the style of the wedding couple. Estelle, usually used for special occasions such as weddings etc, has become a very popular venue. Many happy couples got each other hear both in severe frosts and on hot summer days.

A wedding weekend in Estelle is enjoyable peaceful. Decoration can be started already on Friday morning and the whole place is at your disposal until Sunday evening. Accommodation for the guests can be arranged both in Estelle and nearby cottages, which makes it really easy to gather for Sunday brunch. You can have a look at wedding pictures, go to the sauna, discuss all the happenings and enjoy both a great event and a pleasant company.

In addition to Estelle, Armi and Oskari as well as all the other our cottages are a good choice for arranging a party. If you want a surprise party or a proper crockery and table linen, booking such a venue will make your life much easier.


Jogging to different sport facilities

It is easy to practise any kind of sport in Aurinkoranta. Just on the other side of the road, in beautiful landscapes of Aurinkovuori, there are lighted tracks for walking or jogging which turn into skiing tracks both for cross-country and skate skiing in winter. Aurinko-Ilves hiking route from Vääksy to Evo runs close to our cottages and following it you can easily get to our remote cottage Tervas located on the border of Evo.

The nearest golf course – Kanava Golf Vääksy is only five kilometers away and the ones in Vierumäki and Messilä are about 30 km away each. It is three kilometers to the sports centre and ice- stadium, two to the yoga hall. You can join group exercises and go for a swim in Tallukka hotel located in four kilometers. Other swimming pools of Padasjoki and Lahti are 25 km away each. Lehmonkärki, another cottege resort with access to Päijänne National park, is in 10 km.

Amanda – Villa on the shore of Vesijärvi

Breathing space and tastefully furnished, this beautiful log cottage is an excellent choice for even a larger group of guests. Children will love their own sandy beach and pier and the shallow waters of the clear blue lake. Sunny and plenty of room for outdoor games. Amanda has a small football/volleyball court of its own.

Amanda is also suitable for physically handicapped people.


sleeps 8+3 (+3 in summer)
Built 2002


Oskari – Finnish design

The Oskari villa is all about Finnish design and local craftsmanship. Walls of strong logs show the skills of both Finnish and local craftsmen. A great amount of furniture is designed and produced in Lahti region and even in Vääksy.

Oscari is for those who like quality and Finnish design, clear simple forms and beautiful crockery. A meter-wide beds and a sauna for ten people, big terraces and a breath-taking view of the lake. Welcome!

10 people

Built 2011


Aaretti & Olivia

Our charming log cottages Aaretti and Olivia have served as summer houses ever since the 1930’s. Lovingly renovated and equipped with modern conveniences, these romantic cottages have preserved their warm, old-time atmosphere. Aaretti and Olivia are located side by side amidst verdant woods with spacious yards of their own. In late July, you might be lucky enough to find wild blueberries growing nearby. Both cottages have their private little swimming places and row boats down by the lake a short walk away.

Aaretti and Olivia with their cosy interiors welcome visitors all year round. Come and forget the every day hustle and bustle and take time to enjoy a good meal with family or friends and pamper yourself with a soothing sauna bath after a day outdoors! The cottages also make a great place for small business retreats.

sleeps 4+6

Built in 1930s, renovated in 2004


Aukusti – Genuine summer cottage atmosphere

Idillyc Aukusti is an old log cabin with geraniums on its windowsills. It is an old farmer’s family cottage more than one hundred years old. Its proper roof has served the house well. With the lately renovation it is nowadays a great summer cottage for those who love peace and old style.

There is no more wooden cow shed in the yard but a barrel shaped sauna instead. Sitting on its terrace you can enjoy a view of grain fields waved by the wind. And find out that there is nobody else nearby.

The brook flowing behind the cottage has formed quite a deep canyon taking its sand into lake Vesijärvi a year after another. The nearest beach can be easily reached by bike, it is only 6 km away. Kota (a Lapp hut) and a small cottage are at your disposal at the beach.


2 + 4 people
Built in the 1920’s, renovated in 2011

Available for rent during the period from May 1 to September 30.


Eerikki – Genuine summer cottage atmosphere

Renovated Eerikki is a paradise for sauna lovers. From May to October, it is possible to go to three different saunas. You can enjoy the hot steam in the modern electric sauna of the villa or in the “ancient” sauna in the yard or in the beach sauna offering a breath- taking view of the lake.

During the sauna season, the cottage sleeps 12, providing accommodation in the villa as well as in two sauna rooms. In winter the cottage accommodates 4+2. In the cottage, you can see logs from the 1920s, but the modern conveniences are from this millennium. You can easily get to the balconies from bedrooms, there are also terraces on both ends of the cottage.

sleeps 6 + 4

Built in the 1920s, renovated in 2011



Happy with just basic comforts in a beautiful natural setting? Come and stay at Matilda! Here you have no flush toilet and no shower; instead, you have a traditional wood-burning sauna for bathing and a clear blue lake for dipping in.

Matilda greets you with a soothing sight of birch trees shaped by the wind with their branches drooping over the lake. Just relax on your own wooden terrace and enjoy the view at any time. Wild blueberries grow in Matilda’s yard, ready for picking from late July to August. And a cute songbird is known to live by the front door.

The kitchen is equipped with hot and cold running water. Matilda has a composting toilet with separate entrance from outside.


sleeps 2+4
Built in the 1950’s, kitchen renovated in 2008

Available for rent from 1 May to 30 September


Tervas – Nature’s peace

In the wilderness of Evo on the shore of lake Tervajärvi we built a peaceful dwelling place, a real hikers’ paradise – Tervas. It is a place where a soul rests, and even possible to hear your own thoughts. A place for those who appreciate nature’s beauty, love tranqulity and physical exercise.

70m2 + 25m2
2 + 5 people

Built in 2014

Laitorannantie 34

+358 40 542 3867
+358 40 544 6241

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