Los Coyotes Ranch

Los Coyotes Ranch

Los Coyotes Ranch is a Wild West village located in Muhos, Northern Ostrobothnia just 40 minutes away from Oulu.
Surrounded by peaceful nature you can find a whole new world in 1800’s America!

At Los coyotes ranch you can arrange activity days or meetings for your company or group, field trips or parties, weddings, birthdays or family meetings, you name it!


Versatile opportunities in the Wild West milieu

Los Coyotes Ranch offers the opportunity to organize all kinds of events. The big saloon with it’s outdoor terrace and balcony and the big yard can hold an event for even over a hundred people. The saloon itself holds groups up to 50-70 people. It is possible to arrange a visit with both large and small groups!

Wild West Basic course

In this course you can learn the skills of the Wild West. The program includes shooting with a revolver and a bow, Indian ax throwing, lassoing and horsemanship. Without these skills, you can’t survive in the Wild West!

Team competitions

Ranch offers competitions for groups, which are an excellent option for gatherings of groups of friends or for the refreshment of the work group. In “The fastest in the West” race, two teams compete for the title of The fastest in the West performing Wild West activities. In “firewater” smuggling, teams try to smuggle firewater through a city ruled by prohibition law.

Music at the Ranch

The accompaniment of harmonica, banjo, guitar or piano brings an authentic atmosphere to the Ranch. It is also possible to have a band or sing karaoke for events.

During meetings or events you can enjoy a meal of your choice from cowboy campfire lunch to various soup or casserole lunches and barbeque steaks. You can also order coffee or tea with plenty of delicious western pancakes! Also check out our christmas season menus! We serve alcohol in the saloon, but own refreshments are forbidden at the ranch.

Los Coyotes Ranch
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