Ylöstalon mökit sijaitsevat meren rannalla

Ylöstalo Farm

Ylöstalo Farm locates on the beautiful island of Särkisalo in the Finnish Baltic Sea Archipelago. During the summertime, the seaside cottages are a fascinating holiday destination for families. In autumn and spring, the cottages are ideal for organizing  fishing trips on the famous fishing spots of Särkisalo. We have eight different cottages, all of them have wood heated private sauna.

Ylöstalo farm is only 1 hour 40 min from Helsinki.

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Villa Meri – Weddigns, parties and meetings

The marine party and conference facility Villa Meri with its unique location at the scenic Finnish archipelago offers an unforgettable place for business and party events.

Villa Meri is surrounded by peaceful forest and archipelago rocky hills. The sea view for evening sun and sunsets is magnificent. The first floor ballroom has space for 80 people, and on the upper floor lobby there is space for 20 more persons. Catering services are provided by our local partners. Villa Meri has a well-equipped professional kitchen. Villa Meri has not alcohol lisence, and therefore the customer can bring their own alcohol and drinks.

Villa Meri is a great choice for people who appreciate a cozy, elegant and atmospheric party environment. You can spend a rent-a-boat fishing day on the sea with your clients or staff guided by our partner fishing guide. After an outdoor day you can have a great meeting or a party with lunch in Villa Meri. And finish the wonderful day by having a sauna with a hot tub. Villa Meri locates at 45 km distance from Salo, 95 km from Turku and 135 km from Helsinki.

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Ylöstalo Farm is located close to one of Finland’s best fishing areas making the place ideal for fishing trips and archipelago cruises. Ylöstalo Farm is situated only under 2 hours trip from Helsinki Port, without queuing to the ferries. The two simple reasons why our cottages and motorboats are so popular among Baltic catch and release fishermen.

There are a total of 7 rental speedboats (20 and 60 hp). Boats can stay just in front of the cottages or in Ylöstalo’s own port, where is a slipway for the boats and a place for boat trailers, too.

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Restaurant Nixor

Visit the cozy summer terrace restaurant Nixor on an Särkisalo island. The Baltic Sea and its beautiful archipelago scenery are surrounding Nixor from all directions. You can look anywhere from the terrace, and you will see a beautiful archipelago landscape around you. You can enjoy the most spectacular sunsets on summer evenings and feel a romantic evening with your friends or have a nice peaceful lunch break in our fresh terrace area.

Our kitchen offers salads, hamburgers, and hot wings. You can have a beer or refreshing drinks from our bar. On summer Saturdays you can enjoy the atmosphere created by live music.

Nixor is the only genuine archipelago restaurant which you can reach by car. The real Baltic Sea begins here!

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Ylöstalo Farm
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