Tuukkalan tila B&B

Finnish countrylife at its best

Tuukkalan tila, located along The Green Gold Culture Road in Southern Savonia, has been owned by the same family for almost 300 years, since 1710.

The farm is within easy reach of the services of Ristiina. Tuukkalan tila is an active, versatile farm.

Tuukkala farm’s services for cyclists

You are welcome to pedal your own bike, rent an Electric Bicycle from us or stay with us.

Accommodation-bike package for Astuvansalmi

We offer bike and equipment storage and maintenance

  • safe parking and storage place for bicycles
  • basic bike maintenance supplies and a space where light maintenance can be done
  • place to wash or clean the bike
  • the electric bike battery can be left to charge in a safe place
  • cycling clothes and equipment can be cleaned, washed and dried

We tell you about local cycling routes and services

  • free wifi
  • we have electric bikes and regular bikes for rent
  • Tuukkala farm’s accommodation bike packages
  • bike trip to the landscapes of the Saimaa Geopark for 7 nights
  • The Saaristoreitti of Puumala is 50 km from Suurlahdentie
  • The Milky Way of Karkaus
  • Luonteri jogging and cycling
  • Coastal route on Mäntyharju 10 km + round trip from us 2 x 25 km
  • Miekankoski’s run on Mäntyharju 30 km + round trip from us 2 x 25 km
  • Varpanen tour on Mäntyharju 24 km + round trip from us 2 x 25 km

E-bike rental

Rent a Specialized Turbo electric bicycle.

The price also includes a helmet, bike lock, attention vest, bike basket.


Pickup at 8 am and return at 8 pm to the Tuukkala farm.


Pickup at 8 and return at 12 or
Pickup at 4 pm and return at 8 pm


B&B accommodation at Tuukkala Farm and barn dance at Metsälinna Dance Pavilion near Mikkeli


  • dance ticket for one or two persons
  • accommodation in a granary or air-conditioned room
  • country breakfast
  • bicycles

On summer Sundays your accommodation includes tickets to a barn dance at the famous Metsälinna Dance Pavilion 2.8 km away from the farm. Enjoy live music from some of Finland’s top bands and artists and some Sundays there is also teaching available before the actual dance.

Relax in the sunshine in our yard before the dance and get to know other dance goers. There is a BBQ available. Bike rental is included in the price so hop on your bike and leisurely cycle through the beautiful country landscapes. After dancing the night away you can cycle to the nearby beach and have a dip in the cooling waters of Lake Saimaa.

In the morning you will be served a hearty breakfast made from fresh, local ingredients, most from our own farm. Sustainability is in the core of our business and we hold both Sustainable Travel Finland and Green Key certificates.

We offer local and organic food, geofood

  • we offer breakfast made from the farm’s own products while the host tells stories about the surrounding area and places to visit
  • an early breakfast is possible
  • dinner package possible
  • evening meals on your own in the kitchen and in the yard grill
  • Ristiina’s restaurant services 2.5 km away
  • possibility to fill drinking bottles

The rural breakfast

The breakfast is included in the price in summer time. The rural breakfast is served in the glazed porch of the main house.

Bed and breakfast

The B&B Tuukkalan tila offers rooms in an apartment around the year and during the summer it is also possible to overnight in romantic and cozy granaries.


The apartment consists of 3 separate lockable rooms, located in two storeys. There are common kitchen and  terrace. Common bathroom with toilet is in both storeys.


A windowless, atmospheric log granary is in use only during summers. There is electricity, fridge and lights and three separated beds. Bathroom, toilet and kitchen are available in the apartment located on the same yard.

Hasti lean-to shelter

This shelter give you a perfect night’s sleep on a straw mattress surrounded by the purest nature. The lean-to shelter sleeps 1-4 persons. There is a traditional coffee pot and griddle pan for the campfire.

Kaidan Kiho Villas

There are four 1-10 person villas near by, if you want to have more space and accommodation by the lake.
Previously ordered breakfast and meals at an additional cost.

Tuukkalan tila B&B
Mäntyharjuntie 61

+358 45 634 9299
+358 50 527 8814

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