Rönnvik's Vineyard

Rönnvik’s vineyard

Rönnvik’s Vineyard in the village of Laitikkala, in beautiful Tavastia is one of Finlands largest and most awarded vineyards. Visitors get an idyllic environment to spend an enjoyable day with family, friends and a work group. In the shop located on the vineyard  you can find Rönnvik’s award-winning wines and craft beers from the brewery Olutpaja, which operates on the vineyard. From the bistro, travelers can taste the vineyard’s drinks as well as feast on salty and sweet local food experiences from Rönnvik’s own kitchen. An artisan bakery also operates on the vineyard. In the summer the stable has a changing art or photo exhibition and an outdoor exhibition “in the footsteps of Kamreer”, which tells about the vineyards history and winemaking.

Idyllic experiences for groups

Serving all year round, Rönnvik has versatile experience services for groups. Evening parties, elegant parties, meetings, trainings or refreshment days can be arranged according to special wishes. If necessary, transportation is also possible to arrange.

Meeting packages

There are three types of ready-made meeting packages: One half-day package and two full-day packages. Each includes a meeting room and a meeting lunch. The meeting day can also be extended until the evening when experiences such as wine tastings or pilots can be arranged. It is also possible to organize a sauna and overnight stay with the partners of Rönnvik’s Vineyard.


What would a vineyard be without tastings? In Rönnvik, in addition to traditional tasting there is a wine and cheese tasting which has been implemented in cooperation with the neighboring Heikkilä cheese factory. Also, there is a forest tasting where wine, cheese and forest products are enjoyed in the vineyards forest wine bar. Forest tasting includes a three-kilometer guided forest walk.

Rönnvik’s Piloga

Rönnvik’s Piloga combines pilates and yoga in a relaxing way and the goal is an hour of comprehensive well-being. The most important thing in Piloga is to work at your own pace and enjoy exercising and experiencing. The lesson includes a taste of the vineyard’s wine or lemonade.

Rönnvik’s art and wine

In this wonderful ensemble, everyone creates their own work of art while tasting Rönnvik’s wine or lemonade. The purpose is to make a unique kind of art, to envision and paint without pressure to perform. You can take your painted work with you.

Twist hearts out of iron wire

In the experience, hearts are made from iron wire which are decorated with pearls. Anyone can do the twisting and it’s nice thing to do with your own hands. The package includes a taste of Rönnvik’s wine or lemonade.

Rönnvik’s cruise

From the vineyard’s own pier, it is possible to go on a wonderful river cruise on the M/S Kulkuri. The river of Kyllönjoki is one of the area’s major attractions, it has islands and its atmosphere is sometimes even quite a jungle-like. The ship can take a total of 65 passengers.

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