Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari

Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari

Located in the village of Vuotunki, half an hour away from Ruka and Kuusamo, you can find the historic country estate of Pohjola. The first stories from Pohjola date back to 1686 when our ancestors settled in Vuotunki amongst the first pilgrims who arrived to the village.

Nowadays owned by the 11th generation of the family, Pohjola is offering unforgettable and authentic Finnish experiences for its visitors. We are proud of our historical buildings, cultural heritage and the pure nature surrounding us and are committed to preserving them so that our guests can enjoy them as well. We welcome you to experience the traditions of Finnish sauna, visit Santa Claus at his cottage or perhaps spend a day as a Finn.

Experience unforgettable moments with us

You can experience various unforgettable moments with us at Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari. History and local culture is the focal point of our services. It’s not like similar experiences could be found anywhere in the world.

Our services include fun daily activities that you can reserve from our website as well as private experiences like our unique Arctic Garden Party that can be arranged by contacting us privately.

Enjoy the warmth of Pohjola’s sauna cabin

The legend has it that when arriving in the area where Pohjola is nowadays located, Olli Pohjalainen started off by building a genuine smoke sauna. After that the bathing traditions have continued and stayed the same for over 300 years and are practised in Pohjola to this day.

Old stories, respecting the environment and our love for traditional Finnish saunas have become the base for our certified sauna experiences!

We wish to take care of our unique buildings and the active use of them. After many years of not being used our old barn has now been repurposed to serve as the Pohjola Sauna cabin. Nowadays the old building has 3 separate saunas in it that fits 20-25 people at its best. There’s also two separate shower- and dressing rooms, an atmospheric fireplace room and upstairs cabinet.

Let our Sauna elf lead you to the traditions of Finnish sauna! Enjoy the gentle warmth of our steam sauna, try out the traditional Finnish sauna or experience the unique timber sauna that warms up with a wood heated sauna stove. When you’re not bathing in the saunas you can soak in our outdoors hot tub or cool off at the deck and be mesmerized by the beautiful and unique nature that surrounds Pohjola.

Wild food at its best

Our private restaurant serves the best local wild food just for you. We favor using as much local and finnish produce as possible. We want to know where the food we serve comes from and who has produced, caught or picked it. This way we know we are always serving our customers the very best ingredients. Come enjoy an unforgettable evening with your family and friends.

In addition to our private restaurant services we have changing eating experiences where you can come with a table reservation. You can find information about our changing experiences from our website and social media.

Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari
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