Mäntylä Estate

Traditional accommodation in Mäntylä Estate

Mäntylä estate is a Southern Ostrobothnian farmer manor that offers accommodation. Meeting and sauna days are offered as supplementary services. The estate has traditions going back to 1698, from a settler farm to an EU era agritourism property. The present owners are the 14th host couple of the estate. The property has been owned by two branches of the Mäntylä family tree.

The history of the property includes unusual connection to California. The estate’s 11th host Juho ”John” Mäntylä was a big influence in the beginning of the granite business of Finnish immigrants. Juho owned several granite quarries in Rocklin and many Finns worked there, including Oskari Tokoi who became Finland’s prime minister in 1917

Tourism activity began in 1997. Mäntylä estate consists of a group of buildings and interiors from four centuries. The accommodation is located in the buildings around the courtyard and the meeting room is in the larger main building.

Host a conference

The Ostrobothnian house and large enclosed yard offer an inspiring environment for conferences and training trips. The conference room is either Iso tupa or American hall, both of which have about 20 seats. Meals and coffee breaks take place in Iso tupa.

Conference equipement include a projector and a flip chart. American hall also has WiFi.

Marvellous farmer house furniture from 1700–1800 give a beautiful reminder of the long tradition of making furniture in the nearby areas. A Könni tower-clock from the 1700s stands in Iso tupa to tell time.

The Art Nouveau furniture in the hall have been designed by Eliel Saarinen, Lars Sonck, Armas Lindgren and Louis Sparre among others. They serve as examples of the high quality of production in the first Finnish workshops. Artefacts brought from California bring more color to the hall and create a nostalgic ambience.

Relax in smoke sauna

Isoo savusauna and isoo tupa – a patch of old Southern Ostrobothnia in its best. The smoke sauna built in the fall of 1999 us 3.5 meters tall and around twenty people can sit on the sauna bench. The high bench and soft steam guarantee a perfect sauna experience.

There’s a shed from 1700s adjacent to the smoke sauna, which serves as a dressing room (not heated). A covered patio and pool can cool one down from the sauna. A beatiful Ostrobothnian expanse can be seen from a secluded tiled area in a pleasant weather.


Stay comfortably in an old-fashioned milieu

Mäntylä estate makes use of renewable energy in an examplary fashion. Thanks to this, the carbon footprint for accommodation is zero.

People have been able to stay the night around the yard of Mäntylä in the 1860s. The accommodation – 10 rooms – is located around a large courtyard that has fascinating ambience of times past. The accommodation itself is strongly anchored in the modern time. Heating and hot water are produced with clean renewable energy; using solar panels and collectors from spring to autumn, and small trees from own land during wintertime.


A two-story Wähätupa stood on the property between 1895 and 1907. It was relocated and disposed of in the 70s. A similar newbuilding was completed in the summer of 2003. In 2009 the hight log framework had settled to its final form and it could be boarded. After boarding was complete, Wähätupa was painted with self-made falu red.


The rooms are built into a former hay barn. Both rooms have their own shower/toilet.


Four two-person rooms have been built into a former cowshed built in 1912. The building won the first prize from Ostrobothnian agriculture association in 1915. It was completely renovated and now every room has their own shower and toilet. Susitupa also has a kitchen which is available to all tenants.

Mäntylä Estate
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