Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti

Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti

Restaurant Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti is a traditional Finnish restaurant and unique venue for all kinds of occasions.

This unique loghouse, build in 1940’s, is located in beautiful surroundings of the nature park of Saari.

The Venue

Banquet hall

The banquet hall can seat approximately 100 people. The hall is easily adaptable to different situations, such as celebrations or even business meetings.


The terrace can accommodate about 100 people to dine and admire the scenery to the lake. The terrace is completely covered, so no summer rain can ruin the celebrations, but in winter time the terrace is not available.


The sauna has room for 10 people at a time and is available for rent all year round. It is located on the beachfront so you can take a refreshing dip in the lake. Or in winter time, if you are brave enough, go ice swimming.

The dressing room is a comfy place to cool off and enjoy refreshments that you can order directly to the sauna facilities.


The armoury in the ground floor is an excellent meeting and dining facility for small groups. The room is decorated in Hakkapeliitta theme with paintings and Hakkapeliitta weapons.

Hakkapeliitta were Finnish light cavalryman during the Thirty Years’ War. Some of the weapons have been found from the lake next to Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti.

Nature activities with tasty food

Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti organizes various nature activities and customizable food experiences for groups.

On a fat bike trip, you first get to know the bikes and test ride them, so you don’t need to have experience with fat bikes beforehand. The riding route in the ridge landscape of the Saari national park is defined according to wishes and skill level of the group. Dining at Pirtti is also included in the trip.

As the name suggests, the Shotgun shooting & Hiking activity includes shooting with a shotgun and a hike in the national park of Torronsuo. Participants get to try shooting clay pigeons in two different sports, and no previous experience or gun permit is required. On the hike, you move mostly along pine trees and a forest path along with an introduction to the nature of Torronsuo by the tour guide. On top of that, you get soot pot coffees and buns at the fireplace. Dining at Pirtti is also included in the trip.

During snowy season, the best way to experience nature is to go on a snowshoe trip. The trip is carried out in the nearby terrain of Pirtti under the guidance of a professional guide, no previous experience is necessary. During the trip there will be a break and you can enjoy hot drinks. If there is not enough snow for the trip, it can be replaced by a hike. Dining at Pirtti is also included in the trip.

On the Wild vegetables trip, you will move around the terrain near Pirtti and learn about wild herbs collected from nature. You learn to recognize the herbs and understand how to use them in cooking. At the end of the trip, the participants get a wild herb tasting. Dining at Pirtti is also included in the trip.

The “Forest mood” trip is available all year round. The participant can relax and learn about being present in the moment in piece. During the hike, which is about two kilometers long, you will get to know the well-being effects of nature, do mental exercises and do some forest yoga stretching. Dining at Pirtti is also included in the trip.

In “Pökkelö” yoga, you relax with the help of breathing and physical exercises. The movements are adjusted according to the level of the group, so this yoga is suitable for everyone. At last, there is an exercise of being present and a relaxation exercise. Dining at Pirtti is also included in the trip.

Many people like the playful Summer Olympics, and competing in “Olympics of Saari” is easy. There are many sports to choose from and the activity can be implemented regardless of the season. Dining at Pirtti is also included in the activity.

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Pirtti invites you to feast

Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti operates as a reservation restaurant where several different menus are available. Pirtti offers ready-made packages but the visit can also be customized according to the customer’s wishes. There are menus for both longer and shorter meals. Tavastian menu is Pirtti’s traditional menu containing a wide variety of dishes prepared with Pirtti’s own recipes. Edelfelt’s menus a generous breath of history and deliciousness. For more simple dining, Forsmann’s salmon soup is a great choice and also includes a delicious pancake dessert.