Koskenkorvan Trahteeri

Lift your spirits in the Koskenkorva Village! Koskenkorvan Trahteeri is a place for extraordinary visits, events and saunas, located next to the famous Koskenkorva distillery in western Finland.

Trahteerata (verb)
To treat and entertain guests well

Trahteeri (noun)
The place to be treated and entertained especially well!

Finnish Sauna experiences

We have four saunas, a small spa and an outdoor hot tub & cold pool. With them, you can have a sauna evening to remember – wearing our famous Sauna Suits! You can reserve the saunas for a private sauna evening around the year or visit our open sauna evenings on Wednesdays during the summer.


Get familiar with Koskenkorva: the legendary vodka and other spirits, the village and the factory in the middle of it, and the house Koskenkorva. Our musem has many stories for you about the colorful history of alcohol in Finland. Also at the premises is located a separate museum, Könni Museum, telling the story about the famous clocksmiths of the area. Museum are open during the summer and private tours are possible also throughout the year.

Summer cafe & terrace

At summertime we serve local delicacies, and of course drinks, at our terrace. See our web pages for opening hours!

Our beautiful and historic Distillery Manager’s House is located right next to the famous Koskenkorva Distillery and our family business Koskenkorvan Trahteeri. It was built originally for the distillery manager and his family, but now serves as a great place for accommodation, get-togethers, celebrations and meetings.

Stay around the year at the very special Distillery Manager’s House, located right next to the famous village distillery! The house can accommodate max 10 guests.

Koskenkorvan Trahteeri
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