Hämeenniemi Holiday Villas

More than just rental cabins

Our villas, log sauna, and various activity options are perfect for holiday and leisure time use. Visitors are also welcome to learn more about organic farming and farm management practices. Farm buildings and the surrounding nature provide an excellent setting for countryside conferences. Closeness to nature provides a great escape from crowded and busy city life, and always leaves participants in high spirits.

Holiday Activities

During August and September you can pick pick the berries yourself. Currant-picking can be combined with a swimming trip, or book our sauna for the entire group/family for a pleasant end to the day. For villa guests we also offer fishing, hiking, forest berry and mushroom picking, as well as scenic boat cruises.

Two-seater kayaks available for rent, 20€ / ride

Scenic cruises on a pleasure boat, 90€ / ride

Snowshoes available for rent 5€ / day / pair

Hiking routes, along quiet forest roads on the farmland, roughly 5 km per route

Blackcurrant and greencurrants can be picked in the organic fields during the season for a fee

Berry and mushroom picking in the forest

Rowing boats freely available for use

Outboard motor available for rent, 15€ / day or 80€ / week

Roughly 15 km cross-country skiing route near the rental cabins, weather booking


A romantic and bright villa with a balcony. This villa is perfect for families with children and offers splendid views.

Villa Karl was built in 2006 and renovated in 2020. It is named after a past owner of the farm.

This bright and cosy villa is especially perfect for sun lovers, for it shines on the patio all day long. Kids, on the other hand, will be delighted with the playroom loft, made especially for them.

Villa Ester

A lovely and modern villa located high on a cliff. This villa is beautiful, cosy, and has nice steps.

Villa Ester was built in 2011. The villa overlooks two lakes, Lake Ala-Rääveli and Lake Keskinen, and the River Kuorekoski that connects the two. The roar of the rapids is always audible in the background but especially in spring and autumn.

The villa is named after the wife of a past owner of the farm. She ruled the house from 1945 to 1980s.

Kallen Tupa

A magnificent and large villa in a unique setting. This villa is big and has glamorous rooms.

In the early 1900s, Kuorekoski farm comprised a small red house, a shed for four cows, and a small field. There was a sauna by the rapids and the village mill across the river, with a small drying house on the hillside – everything necessary was close by.

As the generations passed, life by the rapids quietened with the changes in rural life. The small red house was abandoned, and the cowshed and the drying barn left to rot. Birches took over the fields, protecting the farm’s old main building. Kuorekoski lay forgotten for 40 years.

In 2011, the rapids were still thundering vigorously in spring and autumn, flowing more calmly in the summer heat and cold of winter. The milldams and the sauna by the rapids are gone, but at least the stone walls of the cowshed remain a proud reminder of the past. The old lilacs continue to bloom each year.

A new building now stands on the site of the small red house – Kallen tupa, named for the man who ran its predecessor from 1945 to 1984. The grassy field beneath the birch trees growing in the yard offers plenty of room for children and the young at heart. An atmospheric and traditional log sauna has been built in the peace and quiet above the rapids.

The historical setting of Kuorekoski has been restored to life. Welcome!


A spacious and atmospheric villa. This villa is festive and classy.

Villa Ferdinand was built in 2006. It is named after a past owner of the farm.

The area is almost an island with an organic field in the middle. At one end of the field there is an old dwelling place, which according to legend was once the farm’s main building. The foundation is protected under the Antiquities Act.

Hämeenniemi Holiday Villas
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