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Experience the unforgettable and true Finnish nature with us. Hear the exciting stories about Finnish history and mythology. Or come and visit traditional events and meet local people.  Please, take a look of our services and contact us! We organize exciting and unique nature excursions, events and activities mainly in Southeast Finland, in South Karelia, nearby the beautiful lake Saimaa. You are most warmly welcome to visit us and find the secret of the happiest country in the world!

Best of Finnish nature, traditions and mythology

Sustainable nature excursions and adventures

Do you still remember all those fairy-tales, which started with the words “ Once upon a time, far, far away…”? Well, we offer you a chance to visit “far, far away”,  to experience the mythical atmosphere of the nature and see the wonderful nature attractions which are hidden in the deep, mystical forests or nearby the beautiful lakes! Here, in the middle of nowhere, you can have an unforgettable excursion to the true and beautiful Finnish nature, hear something of our exciting history, unique mythology, old stories and fairy-tales and feel the calming effect that only the wilderness can give. We can also customize our excursions for different kinds of themes, groups and ages, so please, just tell your wishes to us! Did you already watch the videos?

Our eco-friendly excursions include also traditional forest hikes and nature and wildlife observation. We run excursions out into the forests and lake landscapes of South Karelia. The excursions are organized on request. A full meal, packed lunch or for example tea /coffee with traditional pastries on a campfire can be included in each excursion if ordered.  Or we can  organize a meal or coffee with paistries in Cafe Kaiku. The duration time can vary from one hour to the whole day, depending on the contents, the theme and your wishes!

We do not use motorized equipment in our nature excursions. Instead, we travel mainly on foot or, for example, with kicksleds. If necessary, we arrange a shuttle to the place of departure. Our trips are always environmentally friendly and organized according to the principle of sustainable development.  Our company has a Green Start -mark.



Do you want to visit unique Finnish events but don´t know where or when they exist? Maybe you are interested in a traditional village party? Or would you like to go shopping in a traditional market? We will search the nicest and most traditional and extraordinary village parties in the area for you! With us you can live like a local.

We´ll take our guests to get acquainted with the unique Finnish culture and Finnish people. With us, you can feel the real atmosphere of Finnish traditions, culture and village festivals. The duration of the tour depends on the venue of the event and on the distances. The price depends also on the event as well as the costs of the excursion, of course (guide included, transportation and ticket prices, possible catering). These excursions will be arranged based on, when the events will take place. So, if you are interested in this kind of activities, please, contact us and ask for more details of for example, dances, village parties or markets, midsummer parties etc.

Note: The participants must have their own appropriate, weather-friendly clothing and shoes. Suitable for all ages.

We also arrange own happenings. In our happenings you can see and feel and also be a part of our tradition, meet common Finnish people and simply have fun. Check our happenings from our calendar.

Ask for more information!

Cultural services

CreativeKaiku produces also services for municipalities, associations and companies etc. These cultural services can include for example manuscripts, lectures and different kinds of developing the cultural work or products. We can also arrange and offer different kinds of performers for different kinds of occasions. Please, contact us and we will make you an offer!

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