Åland expeditions and events

Åland Expeditions and Events

Åland Expeditions and Events is a family run online inbound travel agency in the Åland Islands, Finland. Our goal is to show you the beautiful Åland archipelago as best we can – by bringing you to the nature.

We will show you Åland as we would show it to our best friend – enthusiastically, honestly and joyfully. Hunt experiences with us in the Åland Islands. The big five in Åland are Seaman lifestyle, Vikings, Castles and ruins, Marine life and Rocks and granite.

Seaman lifestyle

Åland is deeply connected to the sea. While the sea has given us much it has also taken a lot in past days. Everyone on Åland knows someone who works at sea and everyone of us have travelled the seas at some point. Get to know the Alandic seaman lifestyle by visiting the Åland Maritime Museum.


Most evidence of vikings in Finland has been found in the Åland Islands. Åland was an important trading station for vikings and port to the mainland of Finland. With Åland Expeditions and Events you get the chance to camp in areas where artifacts and grave mounds dating back to the viking age have been found.

You can also party like a viking! Fornföreningen Fibula in Saltvik offers all inclusive Viking Packages, meals and programs included. Take your group to Saltvik and party like vikings!

Castles and ruins

Through the years Åland has been ruled by different countries and kingdoms. First by Sweden, then by Russia. Nowadays we are an autonomous part of Finland. Both of the rulers built castles and magnificent buildings, many of which still exist today and can be visited.

Marine life

A lot of things go on in the waters around the Åland Islands. Not only do fish such as perch, Baltic herring, trout and pike occupy the brackish water but there are also seals and numerous birds. Perhaps you will get the chance to see the king of the Ålandic coasts, the white-tailed eagle. Take part in a guided fishing trip, rent a boat or go for a seaside walk with a guide.

Rocks and granite

In the Åland Islands we have a very special type of rock, the red rapakivi granite. Just about anywhere you go, you can see the beautiful red coloured stones and cliffs.

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We are a registered travel agency and we have paid the safety deposit to the government of Åland. We are also a member of the Finnish travel agency association.

Åland expeditions and events
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