Matka maalle now serves travellers even better


The Matka maalle website now presents rural tourist destinations in a refreshed format. The wide-ranging services of the Finnish Association of Rural Tourism Entrepreneurs’ member companies are now even easier to find.

The renewed website serves leisure and business travel planners with experiences, food and accommodation destinations, travel-related information and tips, and an up-to-date event calendar.

A significant new feature is the website’s advanced search function, which allows you to search for your preferred destinations more precisely according to your specific needs. In addition to regional selection, there are several different activities and experiences, food services and accommodation types to choose from. The destination search can also be used to find group destinations and current offers.

The Matka maalle website is maintained by the Finnish Association of Rural Tourism Entrepreneurs, whose nationwide network includes more than 270 tourism companies offering accommodation, experiences, food and ancillary services.