Hostel and apartments in the middle of Lapland

Welcome to Visatupa – a unique country holiday place at a modern dairy cattle farm. Location next to a beautiful lake in the middle of countryside and forest gives you a good opportunity to enjoy a peaceful break during your travel.

Visatupa is a 40 years old family enterprise located in the very middle of Finnish Lapland, 80 km north from Rovaniemi and 50 km south from Sodankylä close to the road E75. It takes less than 1 hour to reach Santa Claus Village or Rovaniemi airport, and Rovaniemi city is just 10 minutes further.

Visatupa has beds for a total of 50 people.

Beautiful lake

The farm lies on the beautiful Saarijärvi lake. In the summer, you can swim in it, or take a boat and go fishing. In the winter a hole through the ice is open, so after sauna you can dip in the cold water instead of rolling in the snow. It’s also a perfect spot to observe northern lights.

Northern lights – Aurora Borealis

You can see northern lights just when you step outside of the house. Lack of street lights give you a good possibility to see this wonderful nature phenomena between September and March. Best place to watch them is on the lake where are no trees blocking the view to the northern sky.

Gifts of nature

Surrounding nature gives us berries, mushrooms, fishes, elk and reindeer meat. Our farm offer vegetables, herbs, beef meat and milk & cream.
From these ingredients we prepare our delicious and plentiful meals, which are served in the buffet table in the main building.

Cozy accommodation

Visatupa has accommodation in three separate buildings in the curtilage.

There are 7 cosy and clean rooms, each for 2-4 people, in Losotupa hostel building. Losotupa has a self-service kitchen and a big living room with tables, some games and tv with stereo/multimedia center. Showers and toilets are in shared use.

Visatupa has also accommodation in 4 well equipped Tupala apartments. Each Tupala can accommodate from 2-6 persons and they have own kitchenette, toilet, shower and electrical sauna.

Visatupa has beds for total 50 persons.

Tupala 4-6 person apartments

2 pair-houses have total of 4 apartments

Each apartment has:

  • Bedroom for 2 persons
  • Living room with 2 spreadable beds and a corner-bed (also spreadable)
  • Sauna heated with electricity
  • Kitchenette (sink, 2 hot-plates and refrigerator)
  • Coffee maker, microwave oven and electric kettle
  • Cooking equipment – pot, pans, cutleries
  • Shower, toilet

Losotupa 3-4 persons rooms

  • 4 rooms with 3 (+1 upper berth) beds and 3 rooms with 2 (+1 upper berth) beds
  • In common facilities 2 shower rooms with toilet seats and 2 separate toilets
  • Laundry room
  • Self-service kitchen with good cooking equipment
  • Big living/recreational room with stereos, tv and AV-equipment
    This big living room is suitable for lessons and meetings up to 30 persons

Seipäjärventie 409

+358 1 6634133
+358 40 5494946

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