Vaahermäki farm

Peaceful and close-to-nature vacation in Vaahermäki’s farm

Vaahermäki farm offers peaceful and close-to-nature accommodation and sheep vacations in Savonlinna’s Savoranta. The farm welcomes guests to enjoy peaceful Eastern Savonia!

There are various cabins to choose from as well as an apartment in the center of Savoranta.

Cottage accommodation close to nature

Hannontupa, Kaskessalmi and Erkintupa are the farm’s own cottages each of which is by the edge of water.

Hannontupa is a quiet cabin for three people located on the shore of its own pond. Guests can use a wooden sauna and the barbecue shed in the yard is a great place to grill fish from the pond. National park of Kolovesi is less than 30 kilometers away from the cabin.

Located on the edge of Linnansaari national park, Kaskessalmi can accommodate up to 10 people. The cottage has a nice beach, a pier, a sleeping shed, a campfire place, a barbecue hut and a glazed porch. The cottage is on the shore of lake Saimaa and it is not impossible to see a ringed seal here.

The six-bed Erkintupa has solar-powered electricity and a beach that was renovated a couple of years ago. You can explore the pond with a rowing boat which is included in rental. Guests can also sleep in a granary which can accommodate two people.

Vaahermäki farm
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