Silfvastas Holiday Homes

Rest and refresh in the peace of nature

We offer you the opportunity to stay in the peace of the countryside for a holiday, celebration, meeting, etc. We give you a sense of caring, service and hospitality.

Silfvastas is the original name of the farm. Let’s go back over three generations to the beginning of the last century. In the year 1906 a big dwelling house and household buildings were built in the village of Pukaro in the Lapinjärvi community. The farming family lived off agriculture and forestry.

As the years went by, the younger generation shifted from agriculture to other businesses. The company Henna House Oy sold Honkarakenne‘s log cabins around the world and the music company Kaj Silfvast was founded.

Life can be surprising and may bring changes. The cottage sales business ceased little by little, but there were two cottages left on the site. The idea of starting a cottage rental business was born. Later an outdoor sauna was also built in the place.

The relationships in the family changed, as well as in the business. The space that was used as an office was renewed into a spacious holiday home. That way, the rental business could be expanded. The name Silfvastas Holiday Homes -under which the cottage rental operates today- was added to the company’s name Kaj Silfvast.

Villa Anne and Villa Henna were named after family members. The holiday apartment Honey was named after a pet dog.

Play, read, have fun

There is a small library in the music studio. You are free to take books and magazines for both adults and children, board games as well.

“What did you do when you didn’t have any phones or tablets?” children may ask their parents. Perhaps evenings were spent playing board or card games. It’s good to sit down for a while as a family to spend a good time together either reading or playing.

Music has always meant a lot for Kaj, who plays the accordion and sings beautifully. On summer evenings he can sit outside the house and play. You can listen to the music and some guests have even danced in the courtyard. The music connects, so why not sing together! Are you or someone in your family a music lover? We have three pianos that you can use without restrictions.


Outdoor activities

The spacious courtyard area allows you to spend time together outdoors. During summer you can play Frisbee golf or badminton. Darts are a nice common summer game, as is the so-called “Mölkky” (rules here). There are swings for children and also a garden swing.

You can fish in the river. There is a rowing boat available so you can have a trip on the river upstream. The brown color of the water is due to the clay soil. Both Villa Henna and the sauna have a pier.

Bicycles for both adults and children are available. Enjoy the countryside by riding a bicycle.

Many need rest and silence. The mind calms down in the forest. Pick berries or mushrooms. Perhaps you would like to sit on a chair by the riverside listening to the water flowing while getting rid of your worries and just being relaxed.



What about planning a different kind of meeting? On the peaceful countryside you can have rest and refresh at the same time. The journey to our place takes only an  hour from the metropolitan area.

Facilities and location

You can have meetings either in the music studio or in the big living room of the main building.


In the well-equipped kitchen of the Honey apartment you can have a little break, drink coffee or other refreshment.
Or you can have your lunch at nearby lunch places (Local eateries) or order meals to the place.

Free time

Once the meeting is over it is possible to stay overnight or even over the weekend. Accommodations can be found for up to 16 people, extra beds are available.

In the evening you can relax in the barbecue cottage having a meal and a good drink. You ca leave your stress behind by enjoying an authentic Finnish sauna. Have a walk looking at rural scenery.


Parties and celebrations

Being together, laughing and rejoicing are healthy for both the body and the soul.

Birthdays, Christmas or New Year celebration

Are you a summer child, born when the nature is blooming? Spend your special celebration in a rural idyllic surrounding where you can listen to a nightingale singing congratulations to you.

Celebrate with family and friends.

You can have parties in other seasons as well. Celebrate Christmas or New Year’s.
In the kitchen of the accommodations you can prepare all your food. There is enough space in the freezer.

You don’t have to go home right away after the party is over. Long-distance travelers can stay overnight. Barbecue cottages, an authentic Finnish wood-heated sauna, yard games and more are available.

So far Silfvastas Holiday Homes has been a place to celebrate 35th, 60th and 70th birthday parties. It has been fun. Customers have been pleased with the place and the opportunities it offers.

Bachelor / bachelorette parties (“polterabend”)

A party with your friends before wedding!

It is not always necessary to have some extreme experience. Sometimes it is good to be together with friends, talking, having fun barbecuing, enjoying the sauna, etc.

We have memories of this kind of parties held here in the past. Young Thai ladies celebrated a bachelorette evening to a friend who was going to get married in Thailand. The tables were filled with delicacies that even the host could enjoy. The women were joyful and danced as Kaj was playing and singing. They seemed to feel comfortable in our place, so we think you would agree as well.


Several weddings of the family have been celebrated over the years in this place. A couple of years ago an interesting experience was a Ukrainian wedding. The couple got married under an old apple tree. The festive dishes were prepared in our kitchen and served under a tent out in the garden. Chairs and beautifully covered tables stood on the lawn. The host took his accordion and played the wedding march.

Some people have stayed at our place overnight when the wedding party has been somewhere else.


Courses and training

Life is about continuous learning. Would you like to take a course
or perhaps train others on some topic?

Learning, teaching

Would you like to have some thoughts to come as a team to consider and develop activities together? In the midst of new surroundings, new ideas emerge. The nature around is refreshing.

For multi-day events, you can stay here. A large courtyard area with games is also available. You have access to a sauna, as well as barbecues.

Courses for wellness groups

People are interested in their own well-being. Would you have something to share with others? Do you lead an exercise or relaxation group, meditation, yoga, etc.? Gather a group here in the peaceful surroundings of Silfvastas Holiday Homes.

Cycling, Nordic walking, forest hiking, all these are possible. Sauna is a great way to relax so while you’re in it you can also tell about some treatments, for example.

Hobby Groups

Have you been looking for a place where you could bring your hobby groups together? A writing or reading group, perhaps a painting group? You could gather here to seek new inspiration. The rural landscape inspires in a new way.

In the life of the owner of Silfvastas Holiday Homes, Kaj, music has always played a significant role. He has arranged music for choirs, made recordings and performed at various events over the years. There are three pianos here so it is possible to have some music practice as well.

Dog owners and trainers

Here it is possible to take your dog with you. You could gather new owners with their dogs for a puppy meeting, for example. Courses related to animal handling and training are also possible if you like them.


Recreational activities

Walk along the “recreational path”.

Enjoy nature

Nature has a refreshing effect on humans. Silence instead of constant noise. Fresh air to breathe. You can feel safe.

Courtyard with flowers, spacious field views and the sound of the river flowing by. On a flat stone a white chair invites you to sit by the water. By listening to the flowing of water you wash away your troubles and stress and your body gets rid of unnecessary pressure.

The village roads and forest trails invite you to move. Walk, run or bike. Pack a picnic lunch in a backpack and hike to the forest. Perhaps you can make a campfire in a safe way in the shelter and fry sausages and cook coffee in an old fashioned coffee pot. The forest offers berries for dessert.

However, you must be aware if starting a fire is allowed because of the dryness. You must put out the fire when leaving.

Read, play, make music

Are you a person who relaxes more easily when reading? We have a small library where you can find books and magazines.

Cell phones and tablets have become all too familiar to many of us while interaction with loved ones remains very minimal. What if you shut down your devices? Play a board game, become a child again and play with your kids.

You can sit by the piano and let the tunes fill the air. Sing alone or sing along, it’ll be fun.

Having a meal together

The coals glow in the grill and the delicacies cook slowly. Family or friends sitting with you. Silence or heartily laughter, an atmosphere where it is good to stay in.

Fresh fish bought from a local fish shop or caught by yourself can be smoked in a smoking box.

Enjoy sauna

Since the old days in Finland the sauna has been the place to be born and the place where a deceased was prepared for their last journey.

Since the old days in Finland the sauna has been the place to be born and the place where a deceased was prepared for their last journey. A hissing sound from the stove when water hits the stones. The fire hums quietly in the oven. Shadows and peacefulness.

In the sauna you can sit by the fireplace looking at the flames. The porch overlooks the river. On a dark and clear evening, the sky with its countless stars is incredibly beautiful. The warm light of a candle in lanterns create the atmosphere.

Good dreams

A soft bed and clean sheets await you in the cottage. Soon you will have fallen asleep deeply to bring enough rest to start a new day.

Cottage Villa Anne

Log cabin (60m2), living space is located on two floors.

Villa Anne is suitable for a family or six adults. You can book a separate wood-heated sauna.

Location and surroundings

Villa Anne is a nice two-story log cabin. It was built on a garden-like plot by the Taasia River. The sheltered entrance to the cottage faces towards the river and the sunset. Villa Anne has a covered open porch on the entrance side. The interior of Villa Anne was renovated in 2016 by painting the pine wood walls and the ceiling and floor.

In summertime in front of the cottage there is a lawn and garden furniture. Next to the cottage there is a spacious charcoal barbecue hut.

A hedge provides good protection between the cottages Villa Anneand Villa Henna.

Ground plan

The accommodation is in two floors.

From the covered porch you enter the hallway. To the right you can access the lounge area which has a small but functional kitchen. The bathroom is to the left as soon as you enter in the living room.

From the ground floor stairs lead to a semi-open, loft-type second floor. The room serves as a bedroom. The staircase has a child safety gate.

The upstairs window faces east towards the garden and has blinds. The upstairs balcony is facing the river.


The nearest neighbor is on the other side of the river. Over there you can mainly see the horses in the yard outside. Villa Anne is in a sheltered and quiet location.


Cottage Villa Henna

Rental cottage Villa Henna (area 45 m2), living spaces are located on one floor.

Rental cottage Villa Henna is a good choice for a small family or four adults.

Location and surroundings

Villa Henna is a nice one-story log cabin. It was built on a garden-like plot by the Taasia River. The sheltered entrance to the cottage faces towards the river and the sunset. Villa Henna has a covered open porch on two sides. Villa Henna got a new interior look when the pine wood walls, ceiling and floor were painted in 2018.

Wooden stairs lead to the river beach and to a pier.  In summertime in front of the cottage there is a lawn and garden furniture.  Next to the cottage there is a spacious charcoal barbecue hut.

A hedge provides good protection between the cottages Villa Anne and Villa Henna.

Ground plan

The door from the porch leads to the hallway.  To the left you’ll see the lounge area and the kitchen. The bedroom is to the right as well as the bathroom. You can get into the electric sauna through the bathroom.


The nearest neighbor is on the other side of the river. Usually what you see are three horses in the yard. The other house is inhabited occasionally. Villa Henna is in a sheltered and quiet location.


Vacation Apartment Honey

Separate apartment (70m2), living space located on one floor.

Apartment Honey is a homely accommodation for six adults or a family. You can book a separate wood-heated sauna for use.

Location and surroundings

Apartment Honey is located in a separate building next to the music studio.

For years it served as an office, but in 2014 it was transformed into a cozy accommodation.

Next to the apartment is a small, charming barbecue hut with a gas grill.

Ground plan

The rooms of Apartment Honey are on one floor.

In the porch you have access to a small hallway and from there you can continue to the spacious dining and living area.

At the other end of the room there is a separate bedroom. The entrance to the kitchen is to the right, as well as the bathroom.


The nearest neighbor is the house of the owners. The distance to the outdoor sauna is about 50 m.

Blinds in all windows of the apartment provide good privacy.

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